The Friday Mail-It-In: When Should I Move In With My Girlfriend?

Hello, friends. The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I am still very much alive and well. Consider this my triumphant return to the blog game. Much like when Chris Jericho left the WCW for the Attitude Era, consider this Y2Bri. A new beginning. I’m freelancing and spreading my internet seed anywhere I can for the time being.

However, nothing changes.

It’s Friday. It’s time to answer some GD mail. If you’ve got any questions for me, hit me up at mcgannonbrian (at) gmail (dot) com.

Hey Bri,

I hope you are doing good since you left. As you can probably see, you are missed. On your word press,are you planning on doing a mailbag? It was my favorite thing you did cause it was the most interactive that we could be with the man behind the curtain in my opinion.

If you still are doing it, here is my Q:

I’m in my late twenties (fuck that’s my first time saying that) and have a solid job with good pay. My girl and i have been dating for about 5 months and have talked about moving in together in another 5-6 months when our respective leases are up. She is my age and has a solid job as well, even makes more money than me.

I can easily see marrying her, but i fully realize that i might be still in the”honeymoon” of the relationship still. I’ve lived with other girls in the past, but i want your two cents on when you think it’s a good time to move in with your girl/boy friend. What are your thoughts?

Stay strong brother.

Pepto Bismol

Thanks for the support, Pepto.

I moved in with the gf after about seven months of dating. I wanted to wait a bit longer, but the timing was right. My lease was up in late August and hers was up in mid-December. My choices were to either sign another lease and wait another year and a half to move in together, sublease an apartment and move twice within a matter of months (fuck. that.) or just straight up move in and get it rolling. I ended up moving in with her because I felt like our relationship was ready for it and we were both (at that point in time) well off financially. We lived in her tiny (700 sq. feet. never again) apartment for three months and it was pure bliss for the most part. The size of the apartment was our biggest issue. We called it “the dungeon” because the ceilings were about 12-feet high and there was probably more square footage on the walls than on the floor.

The number one rule of moving in with your SO: It should NOT be a financial decision. Will you save a lot of money? Absolutely. You will be living like dukes and duchesses. However, don’t think that sharing a tiny, one-bedroom apartment is the best bet. You gotta go for the space. If you have to fork over an extra couple hundred a month for a few extra square feet, do it.

As for when the best time is, it’s 100% a judgement call. I can say that by reading between the lines, it sounds like your leases line up pretty conveniently and both of you will be looking for a place around the same time. You said you can see yourself marrying her. I think the question has already answered itself.

I’m not a timeline guy. If you want to move in together, move in together. It seems like you’ve got a good girl on your hands. However, if one of you has any doubt, maybe hold off. Saving $300 bucks a month on rent isn’t worth sacrificing your happiness. Gotta make sure you’re both ready for that type of commitment, because after moving in together, you are putting yourself in marriage’s catbird seat. You’re on the fast track once you move in together.

Just be warned, when you live with someone, you start to see a completely different side of your significant other. You will be shitting with the door open, farting in front of one another, eating a bag of Lays wavies by the handful in front of one another. The romance is still there, but you are now cohabitants, not just SOs.

I guess I still have to give you an answer though, so here goes. Anyone who moves in with their significant other after less than six months of dating is a crazy person. You’re in the clear.

How is unemployment treating you? Walk us through your typical day. Do you shower? I didn’t shower when I was unemployed. Like, ever.


PS: I miss you.

Jesus. You are forcing me to finally talk about how pathetic my days have become. I think I’m taking it well (insert CC footage of me walking around my condo in a robe, smoking a cigarette at 3am). Here’s what my days are looking like:

11am: Wake up. Delete seven 1-800-FLOWERS emails. Go back to bed.
12pm: Finally roll out of bed. Shower…sometimes.
1pm: Eat lunch/breakfast (I wish I could call it brunch, but last time I checked, entire Red Baron pizzas don’t qualify as brunch food).
2pm: Finally begin looking for jobs.
2:15pm: Smoke cigarette in celebration of being productive.
2:30pm: Coffee. Tweak LinkedIn profile (read: How drunk do I really look in my profile picture?)
3pm-6pm: Finally hunker down and send my resume to 17 people.
6pm: DVR’d episode of Jeopardy!
7pm: Eat dinner, which is generally a meal I prepare for myself and the girlfriend. Been wearing out my crock pot. Polish off half empty bottle of Barefoot merlot.
8pm: Attempt to leave house. Don’t.
8:30pm: Attempt to exercise. Don’t.
9pm-1am: Netflix/Hulu Plus binge sesh. Been crushing Bloodline, Last Man on Earth and Dexter like it’s my job.
2am-4am: Berate German college students on XBox Live.
4am: Finally succumb to sleep.

I’d say that’s par for the course for most unemployed people.

That’s it for this week. Again if you’ve got questions for me, I’ll answer ’em. It can be anything:

4 thoughts on “The Friday Mail-It-In: When Should I Move In With My Girlfriend?

  1. Your description of your day lined up almost perfectly with what my day to day schedule looked like when I was unemployed. Glad to see that you’re back in action, this was hilarious.


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